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Kenny Slaught Notes Benefits Of On-Campus Support Groups

Kenny Slaught stands by Hospice of Santa Barbara as they build an active presence at local school campuses of all levels, from elementary school to college. Volunteers visit these campuses and organize weekly support meetings for students who have been through traumatic or complex situations and require a safety space in which to discuss their thoughts and feelings. These groups aim to create supportive atmospheres that encourage self-reflection and teach critical coping skills. These coping mechanisms can help adolescents avoid drugs and alcohol, and stay away from other forms of self-medication. In addition to working directly with pupils, the hospice volunteers provide training to faculty and staff members about how to communicate with students who are dealing with trauma and how to handle student questions about death, especially violent deaths and suicide. All 65 campuses in the Hospice of Santa Barbara network can call on the organization around the clock to respond to a traumatic situation quickly and effectively.

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