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Kenny Slaught Talks Crowdfunding For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

The crowdfunding market started over 150 real estate companies, despite being relatively new. About 7% of the country’s population is an accredited investor, with the number reaching 20% in Southern California. Thanks to sites like RealtyShares, CrowdForce and CrowdEngine, being sponsored by the public became a legal practice. In some cases, 90% of equity requirement was gathered through community funding. Owners are able to easier monitor their portfolios using data analytics apps such as Rentlytics. Having been  in the real estate market for 35 years, Kenny Slaught believes that California is a strong presence in the industry. About 90 residential, multifamily, and commercial properties generated $53 million thanks to their innovative technology to pool capital. The properties are located in San Francisco, Sacramento,and the Bay Area.

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