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Kenny Slaught On The Architectural Preservation Efforts Of Santa Barbara

Also, central Santa Barbara lets inquisitive minds to understand how the architecture at that time was conceived. The design of buildings, and details displaying the relation each building had with the historical idea of those times is also helpful when assessing the Hispanic architecture. A roof design, for example, has a colonial style that can also be seen in colonial cities such as Cartagena, Mompox or San Juan in Puerto Rico. Santa Barbara has made a lot of efforts to further its commitment to the architectural preservation. New laws were fashioned to eliminate disrupting effect of new constructions on the agreement of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. New constructions, mainly in El Pueblo Viejo, must follow strict city guidelines and regulations to decrease a potential mismatch with the historic architecture. When in Santa Barbara, Kenny Slaught endorses the observation of tremendous efforts that the city has made to add to the preservation of the unique architecture, even if this does not showcase the American style injected in the area as an outcome of the British presence in the area that extensively influenced the way how local architecture has emerged.  

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